Part List

All the pictures are drawn and rendered with Solidworks 2011 by (©Torbjørn) 10-1-069 table arm 14-6-022 14-6-103

Standard table for reclining seats. And for fixed seats.
Locking device to hold the tables in up-right position.

Standard table for fixed seats.
 17-1-140 Single table in wood to be mounted inside armrest. 17-1-166 Double table in wood to be mounted inside armrest. 17-6-058 News paper net 13-6-057 News paper pocket

Newspaper net or newspaper pocket.
A newspaper pocket can be fixed either on the back of the seat or on the inside/outside of the armrest.




Art. no.: 14-4-025 Life west box for Senja

Various arrangements for stowing life west under the seat are available depending on type of chair and size of life west.
Size of life west must be given to assure that correct solution is chosen. We may offer box and life west combined.
Alternatively we can offer life west bags made from fabrics.




 Art. no.: 14-4-025 Life west box for Bahama



 15-6-081 / 45mm 15-6-082 / 90mm

Armrest tops made from wood.
Other solutions available upon request. 15-6-141 Bent single armrest top made from wood. 15-6-142 Bent double armrest top made from wood.
 17-1-076 Push button for reclaining seat 17-1-075  Pump and release handle, (Many different bends on release handle.)

Art.: 17-1-xxx  Release handle only, Many different sizes and bends, please take contact for more information.

Reclining release system by either handle or push button. Cup holder 14-6-027 Black grip handle 14-6-028 Yellow grip handle 14-6-141 Coat hook 17-6-031 short type 17-6-032 long type

Seat belt when and where required. 10-6-055

Various solutions for foot rest are available. 13-1-089 Leather neck protection

Neck protection w/ zipper or velcro both in the front and the back for strong hold and easy removal. All chairs except "Senja Low" are prepared for antimaccasser with Velcro on the high back as standard. )


It is also possible to embrodery the logo on it when you choose fabric or vinyl.. 10-6-144 Bracket for wall hung beam.

A nice detail to ease cleaning of floors. 10-6-134 ( 4 fixing points)

Base plate for fixing chairs to the floor. This may be used where rails are not required. 10-6-035 Rail for flush finish (vinyl floor or equal) 10-6-037 cover list 10-6-036 Rail for carpet floor

Floor rails are delivered in standard lengths of 6m. Optionally, the rails can be pre-holed for faster installation. 14-6-041 End cap for rail.



Art,no: 14-6-040 End cap for beam

  Art,no: 10-6-054 End cap for beam, with open armrest



*Modell Møbler reserves the right to change technical solutions/details from above presented images.



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